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We Make It Easy

  • Initial Consultation

    During this free consultation, we will explain our process and fees, and we can review any documents you have that will help us better understand your business.

  • Valuate

    Our team of accounting and analysis experts will meticulously inspect your submitted documents and deliver an accurate valuation of your company.

  • Signing the Listing Agreement

    Signing the Listing Agreement is the official start of the relationship between Clarity Business Brokers and the Seller, and this takes place once the listing price has been settled.

  • Collection of Business Documentation

    During the Due Diligence process, Clarity Business Brokers will request additional business documents from the Seller, including legal, financial, and tax documentation. These documents will allow our team to better understand the business and create effective marketing materials.

  • Marketing Plan

    Clarity Business Brokers will leverage the information provided to create a range of marketing materials. These materials will be marketed to an extensive database of interested buyers via online and print platforms. To maintain confidentiality, A teaser will also be prepared. It's a brief yet comprehensive write-up about the business, providing basic details without revealing the business name or giving away enough information for the public to identify the business for sale.

  • Qualified Buyers

    To maintain confidentiality and protect the Seller's sensitive business information, Clarity Business Brokers will conduct a rigorous screening process on interested buyers. Once deemed qualified, potential buyers will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before receiving any detailed information about the business for sale. The NDA will also state that the business sale must remain confidential. Upon signing, Clarity Business Brokers can reveal more information and provide comprehensive information packages to potential buyers.

  • Negotiation Process

    Once potential buyers have evaluated the business for sale, they can submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) or an Engagement Letter. The LOI is a written proposal outlining the proposed price and terms, and its primary goal is to define the fundamental terms and signal the start of negotiations. The LOI is non-binding, meaning that the buyer is not legally obligated to follow through with the terms. Clarity Business Brokers will act as a mediator and guide negotiations between the buyer and seller until the LOI/Engagement Letter is mutually accepted.

  • Due Diligence Facilitation

    Once a Letter of Intent has been accepted by both parties, the Buyer will carry out several key conditions, including but not limited to financial/legal due diligence conducted by the Buyer, their accountant, and their attorney. During due diligence, the Buyer has the opportunity to examine all financial records and documents. If there is a lease involved, the buyer and their legal counsel will verify details such as measurements, insurance, market, and lease agreement. Afterward, we move on to the lease agreement, franchisor approval (if necessary), and a lawyer review/definitive purchase agreement, where the lawyers for both the Buyer and Seller agree on the final terms of the sale and closing.

  • Close

    The closing is the most exhilarating and satisfying part of the entire process. It represents the end of the sale process and the achievement of the seller's objectives. Clarity Business Brokers has helped many clients sell their businesses for top dollar over the years, and we are thrilled to be a part of this exciting milestone.